Wipeout 3 CG Animation & Live Action
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Wipeout 3 AG Systems Ship CG Animation
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Gore Zoid CG Animation Blue Sky HD
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RenderPal Render Farm Software
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After using RenderPal extensively in a project environment, I would like to recommend the software to fellow artists so you can try it for yourselves.

RenderPal is a Render Farm Management program by Shoran Software. Anyone rendering out image sequences will find it invaluable in their workflow. It has added speed and efficiency to my workflow by allowing the submission of scenes to a server to distribute the rendering workload between several CPU’s. (jobs submitted via the RenderPal Remote Controller and each machine accessed via Remote Desktop)

Basically the software connects multiple PC nodes or clients to a server machine allowing for distributed rendering, either on a single sliced image or a full animation sequence with multiple compositing layers.  Several renderers can be used at any one time from the wide list of supported renderers available including Mental Ray, finalRender and V-Ray.  This allows several artists to submit scenes through ‘Net Jobs’ to their chosen renderer without the restrictions of their software. RenderPal also allows for custom renderers.

The software is compatible with many leading 3D packages including Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, 3DSMax and is therefore ideal for companies with multiple software packages and renderers in their pipeline. RenderPal is not restricted to 3D as there is support for various compositing packages including After Effects, Shake and Nuke.

RenderPal’s Clean User Friendly Interface

Mini Render Farm Ideal For The Freelancer or Enthusiast

In a Professional Studio Environment Using 100′s of Render Nodes


Click the Features Overview for a comprehensive list.

How To Receive The Software

Download The Software which initially allows you to use RenderPal in Trial mode and is limited to 30 days with 10 clients and 10 Net Jobs.

The Free Registered Version which never expires, just requires you to register via e-mail and includes 3 clients and a 10 Net Job Limit.

RenderPal is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


Follow RenderPal on the new Shoran Software Blog and on Twitter

Gore Zoid CG Animation Preliminary Test HD
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Gore Zoid 3D Animation Now In HD
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Gore Zoid 3D Animation in HD on Vimeo

The animation was rendered to a HD tga sequence at a resolution of 1280×720. This was then output to an uncompressed Quicktime file which came in at a whopping 2.64GB! It was then converted for upload to the excellent Vimeo site through the Quicktime Pro Player using H.264 6000kbps video compression and AAC 44.1kHz 320kbps for the audio. This came in at a more respectible 46.3MB whilst retaining the best quality currently available for a compressed video.

Original image – Compressed H.264 with gamma bug – After correction

To get around the H.264 lightness gamma bug, open the uncompressed source movie in Quicktime and click through to Window > Show Movie Properties > Video Track > Visual Settings and set Transparency to Straight Alpha. Save this as a self-contained movie. This should now be fixed when compressing to H.264

For anyone who has experienced the following Quicktime compression problem… ’Error -43: a file could not be found’, save the new compressed file to your C: drive instead of any other drive letter, as the player doesn’t seem to like it.

CGportfolio Featured In Newsletter
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Screenshot From The CGsociety Newsletter


Screenshots From The CGsociety Portfolio Website

My CGsociety portfolio featured on the weekley news letter under ‘Popular Portfolios’. I have currently only got one image on there but plan to put more up very soon. http://andywhiteley.cgsociety.org/gallery/

CGPortfolio is currently one of the best ways for anyone wanting to get their work noticed by industry professionals. It is highly recommended that you sign up. Registration is free although you have to pay an annual subscription to add more images and to access the video hosting features.

Blogger To WordPress
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After disappointment with the lack of navigation features and slow publishing in Blogger (using ftp and the classic template)  I have finally taken the leap and transferred my 3D Animation Blog to the hosted WordPress version.

Although the initial set-up of a hosted WordPress.org blog is a lot more long winded than the WordPress.com version, it is a lot more advanced than Blogger and much more scalable through style sheets, plug-ins and widgets. It also has more of a professional word processing feel to it, where as Blogger seems to be under developed.

Lester Chan has created some of the most useful WordPress plugins.

Gore Zoid 3D Animation
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Screenshot From Gore Zoid 3D Animation Click For Hi-Res Image

3D Gore Zoid Animation on YouTube

Added Sound FX and uploaded hi-res 3D Gore Zoid Animation to andywhiteley.com The animation was created using Maya, Mental Ray and Final Render. Composited in After Effects. See how I achieved flicker free global illumination and other methods including compositing techniques in the Making of 3D Gore Zoid section.

New T-Shirt Designs
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T-Shirt Selection Screen On Website

Added a new t-shirt store section consisting of six unique designs.  If you would like to buy one of the designs please go to my main website at andywhiteley.com and click on the “T-Shirts” button at the right hand side.

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